Bay Rd House



Bay Rd House is a small alterations and addition to a 1950s brick veneer house in Sandringham. The new addition was kept as small as possible to retain the rear garden space and meet budget constraints. The strategy was to provide a new kitchen suitable for a large family while improving the connection to the north facing rear garden. The kitchen was enlarged by pushing it into the playroom space, providing views to the backyard and an internal window overlooking the playroom. The existing playroom was reworked to create an additional bedroom and enlarged to retain a separate living area for the children. The original house was left largely untouched.

With primary school age children and parents who regularly work from home the kitchen also needed to be a space where you might sit and work for a short time.  A number of options were explored. The final option includes a discreet desk nook while the kitchen bench extends out to create a breakfast bar.

Photographer: Lisbeth Grosmann